Xterra Costa Rica... Not Your Typical Race Report

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      I have yet to find any of my races interesting enough to right up a race report, I've actually never had a blog before or even used one... but I figured it would be a crime not to share my travel and race experience that became known briefly as #ProjectCostaRica on my Instagram Stories. So here is my "race report" from some of the craziest traveling I have done all in order to race Xterra Costa Rica. And who knows, maybe this blog thing will stick through my summer adventures in the van.

January 1st, 2017: 12:00pm

     The adventure begins months ago when me and my coach/good friend Parker Spencer decided he was going to join me in his first Xterra down in Costa Rica so we booked matching plane tickets flying out of Roanoke, stopping through Atlanta with a final destination in Liberia. A pretty similar flight to the one I had taken last year when Xterra Costa Rica was my first race as a professional. Our biggest worry so far was that we h…